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Crystal’fountain of Light by Ai Weiwe

One of Ai Weiwei’s greatest works is ‘Fountain of Light’, a 7 meter high sculpture crafted in steel in a slightly inclined cone-shaped structure. The curved steel beams wind round in an upward spiral of crystal prisms and light bulbs - as a huge chandelier on foot His works made out of crystal prisms are both beautiful and ‘kitschy’ at the same time, and give connotations to the opulent style of decoration one often finds in official buildings in communist countries.

Ai Weiwei created the Fountain of Light for TATE Liverpool. Here it was placed, as was the plan for the Tatlin tower - as a floating object on the water. From the quayside the viewer could enjoy the illuminated tower, while the wind carried the constant clatter of cheap crystals towards land.

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Freddy the Great Dane, Possibly the Largest Dog In Great Britain and a Contender for World’s Largest Dog
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king of the mini buns


wow dre you took this at the aquarium what is this creature 

this is literally my bunnys twin
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Imagine though when you find your soul mate and the happens

this is one of the most beautiful gifs I’ve seen.

No but imagine the school jock and the nerd he beats up every day finally run into each other in the locker room or at a pool or something and their chest start glowing and they both look at each other and just go “Oh fuck no.”
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But waiit…


I may be late to the party buuut…

Can we talk about how Shaun White went from this:image








Wait… Wat?

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Feeling the need to vent due to pent up frustration and hurt, just not over Facebook… Today in my sculpture class that I am taking as an elective we had final critiques. Keep in mind, we have not received any grades the entire semester, but just different strategies each person can implement to improve his or her work. My art professor for the most part has given me positive feed back and often times praised my work. Throughout the entire semester I felt rather proud of my improvements, as before this class, I knew little to nothing about sculpture and what I had attempted were complete eye sores. Today my professor tells me that my overall body of work is very mediocre and not much of it wows him at all. He additionally tells me that I struggle with proportions and structure. While I understand that constructive criticism is important in order for one to truly make improvements, I do not believe telling one their work is “mediocre” to be constructive. I am then told my grade will be a C in the class unless I do something to really impress him. What doesn’t make sense is that my not so artistic self put my heart and soul into my work only to be told it is of C quality. Additionally, if my work is so mediocre, I wish he had said more constructive things when I asked him for help throughout the semester. This is all in an into, yes intro to sculpture course. My rant is over. On a side note, I’m sure most art majors have endured much criticism, ambivalence, and subjective-ness from their art professors. Does it make for better work in the end ? Am I just being pushed and taking it to personally ?

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The Death Rose (Rosa calvaria) is a rare and mysterious plant species. Beautiful when blooming, the buds form skull like faces when wilting.
Biologists still don’t understand how the Death Rose forms these shocking designs as they are impossible to grow in lab experiments.
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Scott Dalton. Ciudad Juárez.


Images from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

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This copper plated beauty is complete with a real opal. What a wonderful early Christmas present from the boyfriend :).

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